This week's author shout out goes to AustinOmega on Wattpad!

He is one of the most unique writers whom I have had the pleasure to meet.  His writing is flawless and he makes his own audio books.  After listening to a bit of his audio books I knew right away that I would be listening in for the long run.  His storytelling keeps you in from the first sentence!

However, his novel that really caught me on Wattpad is called "The Dream Girl".  This is the first novel of his that I have read.  Here is the synopsis:

In the wake of a devastating car accident, Evan Channing sits in a lone hospital room and recovers his body and mind. In this time, he struggles to piece together the shards of his former life, a picture shattered by the traumatic brain damage he received. While recovering, Evan learns of his life as a business man and as a potential CEO in the corporation that employs him, but also wonders where his destiny shifted so dramatically. When did he forsake his dreams of becoming an artist, for the wealth and security of a straight-laced business man? Yet, something else troubles Evan. His dreams are blessed, or haunted, by visions of a woman… a soul so perfectly matched for him that it was little wonder why she was contained within the borders of his mind. Yet, as his recovery progresses, the woman that made for the sweetest of dreams made the waking world seem like a nightmare.

Please check out his profile and story and support him in his writing!

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