This week's Wattpad writer who I will mention is Different6Summers!

She writes stories that are fiction but written in real life circumstances.  All of her novels really caught my eye because she has a great writing style and uses great detail.  She also is able to connect with the reader on an emotional level which is a rare talent :)

Her current novel is called "Anonymous".

They never planned for their music to make it this far, in this way. It started out simply as a YouTube upload which quickly managed to get one million hits. Before they knew it, Noah, Chace, Derrick and Zander's music was topping the charts with their premiere, self-titled album, Anonymous. Nobody knows the faces behind the music. As the media wonders who the mysterious band members are, the four friends navigate their way through their final year of high school and the drama that surrounds their families, friendships, and relationships and realize that being silent celebrities is not exactly what they had in mind for their future...


Please check out her story or stories and comment and/or vote if you will!

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