This week's author shout out goes to an author whom I just discovered on Wattpad.

Briony Heneberry!

The story of their's that really stood out to me was their novel entitled "Garnet".

This author writes with such fantastic detail that reading their work is like watching a movie.  I was amazed by the details and the flow of their writing.  Please check it out and support this author!

It's not a bright, shining, happy world, it really isn't. For Garnet, competition with her sister Amethyst for the adoration of her parents was just the beginning. In adulthood, the rivalry between the beautiful twins is only exacerbated by the discovery that their preternatural grace and a sense that all is not right with the world, is all part of an ancient war playing out in the shadows. In the war, they stand on two sides, but not by choice. Garnet finds herself ensnared by the cruel and sinister Patriarch, a man, a monster who strips away the bonds holding together her sanity. He needs her to bring about the downfall of his foe, but his torturous methods leave Garnet a broken woman: unpredictable, impulsive, dangerous, and wielding a power that could ultimately cause both sides of the battle to fail.

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