When I was in school an author came to talk to my class and she gave me one of the most important tips that I still continue to use today.  

Keep a journal with you always and write down observations that you have and can use in writing later. 

This tip is probably one of the most important aspects to my writing success.  When we remain observers wherever we go and take notes on things that we see we can come up with great ideas for stories or even aspects that could change the entire basis of our novels!  This is a great way to add the real world into your writing fantasies and it helps you to continue adding in those ever important details!  If you have not started doing this already I would advise you to get a small, pocket size notebook and carry it with you wherever you go, may it be in a purse, backpack, or even your pocket!  Having that notebook with you will not only allow you to collect notes, but it will also allow you to have a notebook near by if you have a sudden inspiration for a story and need to write it down.  

Always keep your eyes open and ears alert and you will surely grow as a writer and an observer and be a

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