Getting published is a magnificent feat!  However, it takes a lot of hard work to get your book out there.  One good tip I can give you if you want to get published is to first post your novel on a writing website.  It is preferable if you do this as you are still writing so that you can post a chapter a week and gain a larger audience over time.  However, you can also do this if you have finished your book by just posting a chapter a week.  One good writing site I can suggest is  This site allows you to post your writing while also talking to other writers and advertising your story in the different clubs that are offered.  Many writers have gained a large fan base due to this site.  
But posting your story is only the first part and it is optional.  The major step to trying to get published involves writing a query letter and sending it many different writing agencies.  If you do not know how to write a query letter, there are many sites online that can help you write a superb one.  Just go to Google and type in "how to write a query letter".
Once you have sent out a query letter, you must be prepared for rejection.  The publishing business is a very competitive one and I was probably rejected ten times before I had my novel accepted and published.  
But you should make sure to really talk up your novel in your query and talk less about yourself.  The agencies won't be interested in that, unless you have been published before.  
Getting published is quite a process and can take many years, but if you really work hard and believe that you can get pub

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