If anyone asked me the most important thing to writing my answer would be "always rewrite".  Writing is a process and rarely what you write is perfect the first time around.  I have found that when I rewrite something that I have written over and over again I tend to like my writing and characters more because I am better able to describe the situations clearly and with more description than what I started with.  I also find that when I rewrite I can take out unneeded information that would only burden the reader.
When I first started rewriting I found it to be a very terrible task and I honestly hated it!  But over time I have found that it is the most enjoyable part of writing because you are able to not only rewrite a better piece of writing, but you are able to read your own writing over and over again and in turn become accustomed to yourself as a writer.  Reading and writing go hand in hand and if you take time to reread your writing over and over and rewrite it you will find that you have taught yourself to become a better writer all on your own just by becoming more acquainted with your own work.

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