I have begun to completely change my vision for my shop on Etsy, "Crocheted Candy".  Rather than fully doing lingerie and bikinis I have switched to doing clothing more for fun costuming such as corsets and caplets, but I am making them so that they can be worn everyday and add a new fashion sense for women.  I want to make every woman feel beautiful and unique and I am now designing clothing that will be more flattering for every body shape and size - no matter what it may be.  One of my most recent pieces is a corset that I made from plastic grocery bags and pop tabs.  I cut up the grocery bags and turned them into yarn which I crocheted into the corset and I used the pop tabs for boning.  Please check it out on Etsy and be on the look out for completely new pieces coming this month!

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    I am the owner of "Crocheted Candy" a shop where I make lingerie, corsets, festival wear, and other accessories to help women feel confident in their own skin.  All of my designs are from my own patterns or I use vintage patterns to keep that beauty alive.  


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