Today  I want you to invent a character.  This character must be in a profe that is seen as controversial.  An example of this would be a character who is a prostitute.  

But the catch is, I want you to write the piece so that that character has a good reason for being in that profession, and you must show the upside of that profession.  But you cannot be too blunt.  Instead, you must do it so that the reader sees it for themselves, without you straight out pointing it to them.

This is a good challenge for you to see from a different perspective!

Have fun, and always be creative!
I am deeply sorry for having skipped the last few days!  It has been quite a busy week for me, but I promise I will try to be more vigilant!  

Today I just want you to do a journal page.  This journal page must be one full page length and it must be random thoughts that you are having as you write.  You MAY NOT stop writing to think, just spill out any feeligns or thoughts you are having and see where it takes you!  This will help you to release anything that is trapped inside of you and will help unclog you and prevent writer's block in the future :) 

Have fun!
Today I want you to write about a specific character in a specific time period.  This time period can be any time that you would like - except for the present - and the story must revolve around a female character.

Be sure to use a lot of detail and research about your time period if you don't know much about it! 

Feel free to post your writing here if you feel like you would like to share :)  I love reading your writing!
For today's challenge i want you to write a writing piece that is based around a controversial issue, may it be suicide, abortion, murder, etc.  But I want you to express your opinion about the issue through your characters and your story.  Your opinion may be subtle or very prominent, but it must be there.

This will help you to cross boundaries and go beyond things that other writers never dare to do.

Have fun and don't be afraid!  Your piece should be about a page or longer.  
Today we will start a new chapter of writing challenges :)  I hope you enjoyed your week off!

We will start today much differently than any of the other writing challenges.  I want you to write a poem.

This poem may be free form, but if you would like a challenge I want you to write a lyrical poem.  

For this writing challenge, if you don't know how to write a lyrical poem, you will have to do some research which will further educate you in your writing as well :)

Your poem must be about an object, but you are going to personify that object and make the poem very serious.  This object can also be an animal, thou
Welcome to your last day of writing challenges!

You have completed a month of writing challenges, congratulations!  
After this challenge we will take a week off and then resume writing after that :)

Today I want you to write a piece where you invent a new being.  Write one page about this being, using great descriptions and really portraying your vision to the reader.  Your being can be anything you want it to be!  be as creative as possible :)

I hope that you have had fun these past 
Today I would like you to invent a character who has personal identity issues.  This person can be suffering from a disorder but the main point of this character should be that they don't know exactly who they are.  

This is a vague prompt, but I would like you to use this challenge to explore character identity.  This will help you to understand how some people feel when they feel as though they don't fit in and can't be their true selves or they like to pretend to be someone else.  
You have almost completed 30 days of this writing challenge!  Are you excited?  After the first 30 days I will take a week off in order to allow you time to write your normal stories and refresh yourself before the next 30 days :)

That being said, today's challenge will be based around the idea of coming close to the end of something.

I want you to write one page, that is right, only ONE page - no more or less - based around this idea.  You may write from your own perspective or even from a character's perspective, but this piece should be a monologue speaking about the idea of coming to the end of something.  This ending can be anything that you choose to dream up.  

Get going and have fun!
Today we are going to work a little with backstory.

I would like you to pick a character, may it be one that is in your head or one that exists in a story or movie, and write a story about their background.  Backstory can be fun, because you can reveal their secrets or explain why they are the way they are.  Have fun with this and try to make it one full page!  Use as much imagination as possible :)

Today you will be writing your short story where you will intersect all different subplots.  All of the people in your subplots should somehow come across one another and each plot should have a significant meaning to your story.  You can do this in many ways, but one example would be to do the technique where you show a series of events unfold and how something occurred because of those events and explain how if even one of those events hadn't occurred, everything would be different.  

But I hope that you are having fun with this extensive challenge and that you come up with a great short story!  Really ex


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