Welcome to your 20th day of the writing challenge!  I hope you are enjoying it so far and are learning something.

Today we will work on personification.  I want you to be able to personify just about anything. So, for this challenge I want you to close your eyes and point your finger randomly to the picture below.  Whatever object your finger lands is the object you will be personifying!  This piece must be written in first person and it must be creative.  Try not to be silly with this, because if you can make this piece serious and dig into the reader's emotions you will be able to do just about anything in your writing that you can possibly dream of!  

Get going!
Today you can take a break from the writing challenge if you would like.  If not, here is your bonus writing challenge :)

Pick one of the seven deadly sins (avarice, gluttony, sloth, wrath, vanity, envy, and lust) and write a fiction piece about a person (male or female) who is tormented by that sin.  Your person doesn't necessarily have to struggle with that sin themselves, but they have to be affected by it in some way.

Be imaginative!  
Today we are gonna try something new!  I hope that you all enjoy it and learn from it.
I am going to post only THREE descriptions of a character that I invent apart from what gender they are and your task is to write a one to two page story about them based on those three things.
Are you ready?  Let's go!
This character is male, he has a tattoo of a columbine flower on his left ankle, he lives in a New York penthouse, and he just got fired from his job.
These descriptions are very generic, and that is the point so that you will be able to mold your 
Hello everyone!
Today we are going to try something different.
First, just as you are reading this I want you to pick one of the five senses - touch, sight, smell, hearing, and taste.  Do you have one of them picked out?
Now, for your challenge I want you to write about a character - this character doesn't have to be boy, girl, female, male or even human!  But your character MUST not be able to use the sense that you picked.  You are to describe what their life is like and get a new perspective this way :)
As you can already tell, I am a very large fan of perspective and I think it is very important for writers to play with perspective constantly to broaden their horizons.  
If you are confused, what you are to do is write about a character who can't use the sense you picked.  For example, if you chose sight, you have to write about a person who is blind and so on.

Have fun!
Are you ready for day sixteen of this writing challenge?
I hope so!  Because today will be particularly larger than the other days.
Today I want you to create two characters in your mind right now: one of them has to be lonely and an adult character who is not married and does no live with anybody.  The other has to be an adult character who is married but terribly lonely.  You get to choose their reason for their loneliness.  As you can already tell, today you are going to explore loneliness and how it affects human nature and characters in general.  This should be fun for you because you will be able to invent character motive based on their loneliness and plan out their futures based on how they feel in your writing.  Each character should have a story as least one page long.

Get t
Today you are going to pick an object and write two complete pages about that object down to its very last detail.  This object can be anything form nail polish to a tree, but the purpose of this is to get you to learn to see things in ordinary objects that normal people wouldn't care to see.  This will broaden your horizons and give you a different perspective that you can take on into your writing :)  
Yay!  You have successfully completed two full weeks of this writing challenge :)  
Today's challenge will be a rather fun one to test how quick you are with your imagination.  What I want you to do is write down the word "shopping" and for a full two minutes I want you to start a story from that single word and not stop writing until the full two minutes are done.  This will be challenging but is a good 
Welcome to the lucky thirteen writing challenge!
Today's writing challenge will fit today, because it will revolve around the number thirteen.
Your task is to write a writing piece that will be fiction and revolves around a character who is somehow connected to the number thirteen in their life and how it affects them.  Your character can have thirteen family members, belongings, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, etc.  But you must make it unique and have the number thirteen somehow affect their life or even change it!  This would also be a great opportunity to try out writing a dark piece of writing.
Today I want you to think about a time in your life when you felt the best that you ever had.  Write about this time and use metaphors and similes to describe how you felt.  This will help you to work on the use of these two writing tools as well as help you learn to explain emotions better.  You can also, if you choose, write about a time in your life when you felt the worst that you ever had and do the same thing with the similes and and metaphors.
However, do not write these pieces from first person, write it in third.  
Extra Challenge: Write two pieces of the same writing, one in third person and one in first.

Challenge yourself!
For today's challenge I want you to write a fan fiction.  Now, I must say that I am not a fan of fan fictions because they don't particularly take imagination, but this time i want you to write a fan fiction about a fairy tale character and completely write about them in the opposite of their personality.  An example of this could be taking a fairy tale princess and turning them into a rebel, or completely changing their story.  This is a good challenge if you are stuck on what or who to write about because you will be expanding 


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