For the next twenty days we will be working on rather larger writing challenges.  I want to do this since I have given you fairly short and easy writing challenges thus far.  The challenge that we will start today will last for the next five days.

The whole of this challenge will be to create a short story that have five different subplots which all meet up in the end.  This means that you will have to create one new plot each day for the next five days and then on the sixth day you will create your short story.  Therefore, today I want you to either make a plan or write a small piece about your first subplot.  This plot can be anything that you can imagine, but each plot should base around a different character or set of characters.

Get going!
If you are stuck and would like more guidance I would like you to base your first subplot around a character who is making a drastic life change.  This is a vague suggestion, but that will allow you to use your own imagination and invent your plot and characters :)

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