Welcome to the second week of the writing challenge!  Today's challenge will be based around...you!  I want you to do several things for this writing challenge.  First, I want you to write a paragraph about what kind of weather you feel like right now, may it be sunny, cloudy, foggy, etc.  Take this comparison as far as you can go!  This would also be a good time to practice poetry.  
The second part of this writing challenge is to write about yourself from the eyes of someone else.  You can write from the viewpoint of a lover, friend, acquaintance, stranger, any person who you want to, but you need to write about how that person would see you specifically.  I also want you to use a lot of details with this.  This is a great way to gain self confidence with yourself and get to know yourself better.  One option that would be helpful with this writing is to stare at yourself in the mirror for a prolonged period of time and get to know your physical presence better.  This will help you to further see how others view you physically, but I don't want you to just write about your physical aspects.  You should also write about your other characteristics as well.
The last part of this challenge will be for you to write a very short blurb with the first things that come to your mind when you think of yourself.  These things can be positive, negative, or any other type of thought, but you must write down what you think of yourself for a full minute and you cannot leave out any of your thoughts.  This will help you to see how you think of yourself without thinking for a very long time and it will help you to be better acquainted with your mindset.   

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