Every week I am going to make a shout out to a writer on Wattpad who's writing really stood out to me.  This week's writer is under the pen name of "JadoreRomantic" as well as "_petrichor".  The story that they wrote which really stood out to me is titled "Playing With The Stars".  Here is the link to the story:http://www.wattpad.com/story/5306123-playing-with-the-stars
This story is a beautiful romance and sure to catch anyone's attention!

You don't break unspeakable rules. They just aren't meant to be broken. "See, I did love a boy. I loved him so much it hurt. He could spend so much time fascinated on one person and love them with or without their mistakes. He would love them wholly as a person." My breathing becomes irregular, but I can seem to get any words out of my mouth. I just lie there like a stupid person, waiting for her to speak again. It took 6 years. 6 long years before she would come back to her hometown again. Mel watched me stumble after her best friend's affections for years, but never said a word about her twisted love for me. Naive 12 year old's can't differentiate desire from need. Life doesn't work that way, neither does love. It's been 6 long years and she's more beautiful than ever, but does the scrawny, broken 18 year old boy get the girl that ran away into the night? Who ended up with the broken heart? Only time will tell because after all...loving her isn't really an option.

Please check them out!

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